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Platform: Windows PC

In this little game it's about mindfulness and communicating to each other.

Two Players have to explore a city while not breaking the others taboos, thus creating funny situations. With this game we want to show that people meeting from different cultural backgrounds need to adapt to each other to become friends, showing friendliness and mindfulness. Becoming friends is a hard way to walk, but it's worth it.


  • Download game exe and carda zip
  • Print the Cards File, cut out the cards, shuffle them 
  • Start the game
  • Each player draws three cards
  • Read them secretly
  • In the level: Move from left to right, collect hearts or coins if you want
  • If the other player breaks a Taboo: Press Space!
  • Explain with pantomime what he/she did wrong
  • Press Space again: Game is resetted
  • Play until you reach the end of Map

Be imaginative to avoid the taboos! If the other player has a beard taboo, wrap your face in a bandana. If someone wants you to be a dog, make howling sounds while playing. It's about having fun and learning more about each other.


Make your own cards! Play it with strangers  as an ice breaker or as a party game.


  • It's a Game Jam game, so don't expect too much polishing^^
  • One of the player characters moves out of the screen. Stay close to the other player while moving.
  • There is a sound bug at one event. Just press Enter and you will be fine :)
  • There are small screen resolution issues with the level: The level is shown in 4:3.

Install instructions

Run the downloaded exe. No engines or tools are needed.


love_reset.exe 5 MB
Playing cards.rar 1 MB

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